2018 – A Year To Take Action!


As I plan for the possibilities of 2018, I cannot escape reflecting how 2017 was not a great year for me and many other South Africans. In 2017 we became aware of the state of our economy and country, as we were bombarded with stories of corruption and state capture.  Both in professional and social environments, people continued to discuss the challenges facing South Africa. The negative sentiment seemed to take over all aspects of our daily lives. The economic and political uncertainty resulted in complete decline of confidence in South Africa, with many people seeking ways to protect assets rather than invest in new ventures.

It became extremely difficult to build momentum and execute on growth strategies in an increasingly negative environment. During 2017, the option of packing up and leaving the country became a serious consideration for many people. So much so that I am sure all of us would be able to think of an example of a person who has emigrated or at least planning to leave soon. The process of uprooting your family, selling all your possessions, leaving behind existing relationships and starting all over again in another country is not easy. The reality is that there is no correct answer to the question of staying or leaving. People need to make decisions that are correct for them and their personal circumstances.

Fortunately, 2017 ended with some positive changes to our political environment, revealing a glimmer of hope. We all know that the challenges facing South Africa will require significant commitment and a will to make a difference by our political leadership. Even though the risks facing South Africa still exists, we have all begun to lift our heads and think positively about the year ahead in 2018.

As the founder of Sun Advisory, I have also been influenced by the negative tone of 2017. I have however decided that we should navigate the future within the context of the risks that exist. In 2018 we should not be surprised or shaken when we hear more bad news but rather focus on our intended goals.  For many people the option of leaving South Africa does not exist, so it is up to us to support the growth and development whenever possible.

Against this backdrop, we continue to urge company executives to make most appropriate decisions aimed at addressing business challenges, improving core capabilities and making investments to take advantage of growth opportunities, which will contribute to overall growth trajectory in South Africa. Sun Advisory commits to supporting these decisions by developing business cases based on sound strategic thinking and robust financial assessments of planned decisions or actions. Let’s make 2018 a year focussed on business development and growth.